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24 | Why I bought my buy-to-let in a limited company

published16 days ago
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Hello everyone! 👋
As this email comes out (thank you auto-scheduling), I'll be starting to fly back from sunny Tenerife after a week off. As I get back to the UK, hopefully the buy-to-let progress has kept momentum.

On Tuesday 7th I've got a meeting with the independent solicitor to talk through the personal guarantee I mentioned last week and then I'm hand delivering it to the main solicitor in Sheffield. Hopefully this is the last bits of paperwork needed to complete the purchase!


While i'm waiting for completion - here's another teaser photo of the BTL.
This floor is coming up and being replaced!


🏡 The World of Property

​I read a great little article in the Financial Times this week talking in a bit more detial about the house boom outside of cities as homeworking becomes more common.

I'm experiencing this myself - I've lived in London for 6 years and ready to sell up, I'm hoping to get the flat valued in January ready to put on the market and move to pastures new.

My 9-5 job is also beginning to go back into the office in October which at the moment the rumours are mentioning 2 days a week on Friday's and Monday's in the city(Goodbye weekends!), so remote working is more on my mind and I'm speaking to a few companies about opportunities.

​Have a read of the Financial Times article​



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Everything is customisable which makes this so unique - every business is different so you can tailor it exactly to your needs. Notion is super easy to use and free to download.


📽️ YouTube this week

Here's the latest video that went live this morning, today explores why I bought my first buy to let in a limited company, covering the pros and cons and a few things to think about if you're trying to figure this out too!


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